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  • Anti-Fatigue Drainage

    Anti-fatigue Drainage Matting is for any environment where there is liquid on the ground.  These mats are not only ergonomic with their anti-fatigue properties, but also slip resistant with small holes to scrape away dirt and allow liquid to drain through, making them perfect for use in commercial kitchens; manufacturing facilities; stadiums and believe it or not, ski slopes!

    Our anti-fatigue drainage matting comes in many surfaces depending on the application, they can offer high resistance to chemicals, cutting fluids, animal fats, oils, and greases… we even have options for live animal stalls, pool surroundings and areas where static discharge needs to be considered. Overall Mul-T-Mat can find the right anti-fatigue drainage matting that best fits your application, please call us at 905-738-3171, or send us an email at sales@mul-t-mat.com.

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