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    Posted by Douglas Stampfli on

    Mul-T-Mat, like most other matting companies, can offer a huge array of options for your floor mat solutions. However, we differentiate ourselves by offering our customers tailored sizing and custom edging that many of the larger generic manufactures cannot or will not offer. We cut by hand many of our mats, so that our customers have the length they need for their unique space.

    Have you ever ordered from one of those large online companies? If so, you’d know that you are not only just ‘an order’ to them, but you cannot get a solution that has that personalized touch.  Mul-T-Mat has friendly trained staff that can answer your questions, understand your needs, and find a mat that is precisely what you require. We are centrally located in Ontario and just a phone call away if you’re in one of the other provinces.


    Why it’s a good idea to come in and see us.

    Mul-T-Mat has a wide variety of matting that caters to all types of unique scenarios. Ranging from General Purpose, Entrance, Custom Logo, Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Static, Drainage, Switchboard, ESD, Runners all the way to Sticky Mats and even Sanitizing Footbaths.

    We have a showroom that displays all the options, come by, and see; touch; feel and experience your options. Sometimes having a good look at all the samples, gives you new ideas on materials you didn’t even know existed and would have been an even better choice for its intended purpose. Many times, people have purchased a product in the past from another company and need to replace it, our options may not only be better, but more cost effective too!

    Our office is located at Unit 4, 106 Rayette Road, Concord, Ontario L4K2G3, we are open Mon-Thu 9am to 5pm and on Fri 9am to 1pm.  Come by and see us.


    Check with us first… because this is all we do.

    You would have encountered several companies and stores that sell mats. These companies sell a multitude or cross section of products and are usually not a total matting provider.  Some source from large general manufactures all over the world, even China and India…  which brings into consideration weather quality and longevity is what you’re buying. Is the mat you purchased, or thinking of purchasing, really the correct mat for the application? Will making this choice cost you more in the long run? Will the mat you chose really protect your customers or workers from a safety perspective?

    Some of the choices you make have long term consequences, let Mul-T-Mat help clear up the confusion when choosing the right mat for your specific application. Our primary focus and product grouping is matting, it’s just what we do…  We are a Canada proud wholesale distributor with a huge variety of floor matting options. We are experts in our field and have over 30 years of MATTING experience. Just check with us first, we’d be more than happy to answer your questions and give you the right suggestions.

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