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  • Things to Consider When Choosing a Mat

    Posted by Douglas Stampfli on

    There are many different types of floor mats in the market today. You can classify or categorize industrial floor mats according to their functional applications of uses and also according to their site of installation.

    However, there are some key points to consider when choosing a mat:

    Where will this mat be placed? Things to consider…

    • Do you have electrical paneling?
    • Do you have vibration-causing equipment?
    • Do you have welding taking place?
    • Do you have workers standing for long hours?
    • Is your environment wet or slippery?
    • Do you have exposure to chemicals on the floor?
    • Do you have health or laboratory requirements to be met?
    • Do you have a high traffic area?
    • Is your matting requirement irregularly shaped?
    • Do you have heavy equipment rolling over mats?
    • Do you want to promote your company’s brand?

    Choosing the right mat for your application is so very important.


    Consider the mat quality

    You should always choose a high-quality industrial mat to ensure that it functions properly and last long. Consideration must be given to the fabric. Do you need a rubber mat, carpet mat, nitrile mat? You should always choose tough durable matting materials to ensure that you get your money’s worth. However, the lowest price should not be the only factor to consider.


    Is this mat for your entrance?

    One of the most important types of floor mats is your entrance floor mat.  This mat is positioned across the doorway of any restaurant, hotel, or office.  Customers and workers use this mat to scrape of all mud, dirt, snow, and other debris picked up outdoors from the soles of their shoes before stepping into your establishment.  Choosing the right mat quality is very important at this stage, not only for cleanliness but more importantly for keeping your users safe. You may even want to consider a Recessed Grill at the entrance of your building, this would be a solution for a very high traffic scenario.


    Let Mul-T-Mat help you decide on the right solution for your specific application.

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