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  • When function takes precedence over fashion

    Posted by Douglas Stampfli on

    The right kind of mat can make a great difference for your business. Benefits of these mats gain better customer experience, improved sanitation, and higher productivity from your employees. But when should you choose a fancy pretty mat, vs a versatile functional one?  The answer lies in the reason you are choosing a mat in the first place. If you simply need something for brand awareness, then your options are endless and can easily be met. However, if you have a high traffic area that can become wet, or a greasy commercial kitchen floor, or a standing area for your employee, then function and safety is way more important that fashion.

    Mul-T-Mat has a wide variety of matting to suit all your needs, talk to our friendly staff and let them know where you’ll be needing a mat, they will advise you. Our recommendation will guide you to a solution that is not only high-quality, but an intentionally purposeful one, that’s worth every penny.

    So, the next time you’re walking into a retail establishment that has all those fancy patterned carpet mats and rugs, understand that they suit certain areas from a design perspective, they are not however suited for every location in your business.

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