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  • ATTENTION MythBuster… Mats can cause more accidents than they prevent

    Posted by Douglas Stampfli on

    Matting is designed to help prevent accidents by keeping floors dry and providing added slip resistance.  However, just like seatbelts which are constructed to help prevent potential harm, they must be used properly for them to be effective.

    We’ve written a blog previously about the ‘difference between a good mat and a not so good mat’, however ensuring the correct criteria is met, is crucial to the success of your mat.

    • Use a mat that is made from quality materials, especially in high traffic areas.
    • Select the proper mat backing, based on your floor surface.
    • Maintain your mats properly.

    Mul-T-Mat is your best bet in choosing appropriate floor matting applications, we can guide you through all the necessary factors involved in not only choosing the right mat but also an appropriate way to maintain them, for optimum performance. Preventing accidents is always at the forefront of our considerations… ‘check with us first, cuz this is all we do.

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